What is Strengthen The Pack?
Strengthen The Pack (STP) is a non-profit corporation formed by a group of individuals who seek to improve the financial situation of the University of Nevada Athletic Department. The taxId for strengthen the pack is 47-4942844.

Is Strengthen The Pack a part of the Athletic Department?
No. STP is a Nevada Non-Profit Corporation. STP has filed for tax exempt status under IRS 501(c)(3). STP is a private non-profit entity separate from the University of Nevada Athletic Department and University Foundation. This structure enables STP to focus funds strategically on the infrastructure needs that will best help our programs competitively compete. This structure also provides complete transparency and accountability to all donors providing details on how and where the money is being concentrated.

Does my Strengthen Pack Donation go towards my priority points with the University?
No it does not. We are a separate entity from the Athletic Department and although all our fundraising will support the department there is no functional way to transfer the donation individually to the AD. Strengthen The Pack is more about what we can do to Strengthen our programs than what we will be getting in return.

Can I donate more than just the $7.75 a month?
Yes, we have tried to structure the campaign so that there are 3 main levels of giving. $7.75 a month equating to $93 a year, $7.75 every other week, equating to $201.50 a year and $7.75 every week which amounts to $403 a year. Each board member of STP has committed to donating a minimum of $7.75 a week. If 1,000 people join us at this rate we will raise $403,000 in one year to support Nevada Athletics.