Our alma mater is the only and original land grant institution, and the flagship university of the Great State of Nevada. It is a Tier 1 University and is recognized annually for its academics and research. Now is the time to build upon its academic success and national recognition, and elevate the athletic programs to a level befitting a Tier 1 institution. In order to further solidify our alma mater's efforts to make Reno a true college town, there is no better marketing tool than an athletics program that includes nationally ranked football and basketball programs, including the best coaches, recruits, and facilities.

The athletic department at the University of Nevada has one of the lowest budgets in the Mountain West Conference which makes it increasingly difficult to compete year in and year out in the conference, let alone on a national level.

Strengthen The Pack, Inc believes that Wolf Pack Athletics is capable of the same great accomplishments that have been achieved by the academic and research endeavors of this historic institution. But to be truly exceptional as a University, and to live up to its duty as the flag bearer for the State of Nevada, the University of Nevada must strengthen its focus to have an athletic legacy that we, as citizens, students, and alumni can be proud of every year.

It’s time we come together as a community and strengthen this great university’s athletic department. It won’t take a lot from each individual, but it will take a little from a lot of us to make a difference!

We need you to join us so that together we will Strengthen the Pack.